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Erick Ingraham [1950 -      ]

First Children's book published in 1977
Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
December 23, 1950

Dr. David Stuart Ingraham - Veterinarian
Elizabeth Shelley Ingraham - Elementary School Teacher

Erick Ingraham's talent for drawing was encouraged by his parents and teachers since early childhood. His artistic mother developed his appreciation of form, color and detail in nature and art. His father brought out the practical side of his personality by explaining and showing how things work.
Music took priority over formal art training at Great Valley High School, Malvern, PA., where he played both the baritone horn and the string bass. Art became his main interest once again upon entering college in 1968. He received his Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts/Painting from Kutztown State University in 1972.
As he was completing his education in art, his interests had gravitated toward the great illustrators in recent history. His favorites still include: Arthur Rackham, Maxfield Parrish, Howard Pyle, N.C.Wyeth, W.Heath Robinson and Edmund Dulac. He began calling himself an illustrator in 1974 when he received his first book contract for Producing Your Own Power (Rodale Press).
Erick Ingraham's first children's book was Harry and Shellburt (Macmillan 1977). Interwoven between book illustrations covering a wide spectrum of subjects, he produced twelve more children's books: Cross-Country Cat (Morrow 1979), Old Blue (Putnam 1980), Hot-Air Henry (Morrow 1981), Porcupine Stew (Morrow 1982), Little Daylight (Morrow 1988), High-Wire Henry (Morrow 1991), The Animals' Lullaby (Morrow 1993), Henry the Sailor Cat (Morrow 1994). Night in the Barn (Morrow 1995), Flood (Morrow 1997), Blue-Ribbon Henry (Morrow1999) and the sixth "Henry" story by Mary Calhoun, Henry The Christmas Cat (HarperCollins 2004).

Among Mr. Ingraham's many awards are the American Book Award and BIB for Porcupine Stew in 1983 and a Boston Globe/Horn Book Award for Cross-Country Cat.

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Erick Ingraham

Multi-Faceted Artist

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