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If you become interested in what you'll find on this website and you are capable to arrange a connection, and be one of numerous contract partners aligned to simply talk about my work and establish an end buyer of my artwork and services. Paintings, commissions, licensing, design assignments and much more.

You can become one of the many remote offices where you can be my artist representative.
1. You must know about my work.
Feel free to use my website as your portfolio. Forward my website to others who would be the perfect person, by chance you have a friend who's sister's boss is looking for a fabulous design.
2. You link me to the art buyer and when an agreement is reached you will receive an agreed upon percentage. The larger the contract the higher the percentage. Network marketing is now playing an important roll. Let's start a conversation when you think you're ready to pass along information.
3. Sign the guest book and just tell me you are on the look out.

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Erick Ingraham


This website is an ongoing autobiography.
It's my "story". It's designed to explain and promote my many styles, abilities and interests but it also designed to involve my viewers. Do you have any suggestions for improving this site? Maybe I've forgotten to explain something. Don't be shy. I'm glad you're here.
Let's start a conversation. I would love it if you could sign the guest book and comment.

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