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"That was Then, This is Next"
by Erick Ingraham

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I've illustrated 13 children's books so far and enjoy visiting schools to shed light on how books are made, how I approach book creation and relay behind-the-scenes tales. I save the audience's favorite part for last. I draw live and spontaneously after getting suggestions from the audience. Be sure to check out the hilarious animal doing sports sketches. Book illustration was one art form I've loved being involved with, though my style of rendering was always a time consuming process. Between and during books I was able to help other clients with a wide variety of design and illustration. Some clients included: Scarborough (now part of Crabtree and Evelyn) and the Nantucket Briar emerged and has been used for the past 25 years.

My urge to paint on canvas had its turn in the line up, as did watercolor painting. The advent of the computer has enhanced the structure of my career. I resisted at first, but found myself diving right into Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. I realized that there was very little need for the mockup illustrator any more in the field, but I attained an urgent desire to translate my artistic sensibilities into digital form.

I became an artist divided. Technical knowledge about art always fascinated me, so I took to using my Macs very easily. The important factor is that when "away from the computer", I was then using my hand skills, my talent for drawing and painting for a better purpose. I was in the long sought-after period of getting back to basic "paint on canvas".

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This website is an ongoing autobiography. It's my "story". It's designed to explain and promote my many styles, abilities and interests
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