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"That was Then, This is Next"
by Erick Ingraham

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I'm painting quite a few landscapes. I like to make refined yet boldly vivid paintings these days. There is definitely an element of Tonalism continuing through them. "Redesigned realism"
Go to In the Studio and find out some particular techniques I use to achieve my glowing effects in my oil paintings.

I really like painting in the square format. This year, I've expanded to the double-square format fo some. Two of which are found in the 2013 Seaside Series is represented by Jason Samuel Gallery.
I have supply of older artwork, (paintings, drawings, illustration, hand drawn graphics). I decided to offer my inventory to the public on this website.
I am maintaining a list of work for sale, adding more work as I am able. Each item is an original painting with a description, the price and detailed image. Paypal,check or CC over the phone.

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Thank you for reading this far.

I want to move into new uncharted territories, but it's fun to look back. I am trying to make it easier these days to become a collector of my work. If you have any questions about anything, please email me. I would love it if you could sign the guest book and comment.

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