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"That was Then, This is Next"
by Erick Ingraham

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I've been interested in 1900 style artwork since college and I realized what single factor was going to predominate. Tonalism. Color mixing that keeps the palette very subdued in a certain color direction. So in 2004, my oil paintings took on that effect, as though we're looking through amber glasses at a landscape. My current aim to integrate into Arts and Crafts revival homes- fine paintings in crafted frames - landscapes that evoke emotion and avoid bluntly naturalistic color. Some people think my work looks photographic. Yes, I use my camera. I change things, I combine things, I take the color in a whole new direction. I would like the viewer to realize that I achieve a stunning glowing effect to my canvases today, far beyond the capabilities of "a photograph." I invite you to proceed to In the Studio and find out some particular techniques I use to achieve that effect.

My daughters were enrolled in a dance academy in their high school years and as an experiment, I used a my digital camera (flash prohibited) to capture the artful athleticism of the school's dancers. In this series of paintings between 2008 and 2009, I found the inspiration of these captured images to be the cornerstone for my figurative painting done in the tonalist painting style.
I invite you to look at the current list of works for sale.
Original Artwork by Erick Ingraham. The story continues....

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This website is an ongoing autobiography. It's my "story". It's designed to explain and promote my many styles, abilities and interests but it is also designed to involve my viewers.
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