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You are what you eat!

I've been happy with the body I was dealt in life. I was not an athletic kid. I had a wiry body and could climb ropes and do chin ups. No great shakes. I was an artist and a musician. Marching band and blowing a baritone horn was my quality aerobic activity. Then cross-country skiing took hold of me and I stayed on a course of good health since my late twenties.

I have great admiration for the 20 year olds that take the time to investigate, read and understand what good diet and healthy living practices are and actually follow that course. Most athletes of that age are testing their systems with a lot more than exercise. I was influenced by the televised Winter Olympics back in 1980 and I vowed to bring the rest of my life in alignment with the vigorous pursuit of skiing. The key element is preparation. Quality exercise is a process and a routine. For me, the simple fact that I was interested in eating well brought me to read Adelle Davis and follow a rather vegetarian life style. I'm anything but strict, though. I have always and continue to sample meat and dishes made with it on occasion. I have a lot of strong opinions about what to eat and what not to eat.

I am still active skiing Telemark turns on natural and lift served ski runs, mountain biking, swimming, windsurfing, hiking and feel fit. Normal blood pressure, low cholesterol. I've never done anything like race training but I feel really balanced and pain-free.

If you want to read an overview of my career; "The Full Story- ErickIngraham - That Was Then, This Is Next"

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