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Erick Ingraham [1950 -      ]

When I pick up a children's book, I immediately evaluate the illustrator's involvement with the story. Their illustrations must create a magical bridge between the fascination of the story and the confusing assembly of letters called sentences. The picture book is the essential enticement for the beginning reader. In my works, I not only try to lure the child to the story for the first time, I make a great effort to bring the reader back again and again. To do that, I give the young reader visual reinforcement of the personality of the character through a clear understanding and compassion for the author's intent. Then I place this imagery within a realistic and believable setting which I completely research for those wanting to keep finding new details within my work.

I am most interested in illustrating stories with strong plots. The concept should be positive, uplifting and should take place in a wholesome, if not magical, setting. The subject involved must fully employ my artistic abilities. Imagination, research, a well thought out arrangement and attention to detail will continue to be integral parts of my work. In general, I feel fully-illustrated children's picture books are unique as an art form. No other art form can be enjoyed by such a wide range of age groups. No other art form can convey a story that comes alive with humor, suspense and the passage of time. A picture book is what I call 'a gallery in the lap' that can be picked up and enjoyed at any time and at any speed.

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Erick Ingraham

Multi-Faceted Artist

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