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A large part of what defines my psyche is Contrast. My strong Earth connection keeps me grounded as a technically oriented artist. My love of Contrast has become evident as I am drawn toward the excitement and elusiveness of emotion. In my recent work, I can see separate paths in my life converging. My love of natural phenomena and nature's textures that came forward in my landscape work has now converged with my love of human form and emotions. They are all captured with a glazing technique painted on a "textured" yet very smooth gessoed surface.

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Erick Ingraham

Clarity versus Ambiguity

My internal dialog about technique likes to see a struggle between clarity and ambiguity - the contrast between bold design and painting with the look of effortlessness - The Delineated fused with The Ethereal. My oil paintings combine my love of interesting composition, expressiveness of drawing, and translucent color.

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