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Books in which Erick Ingraham's illustrations appear:
Henry the Christmas Cat Mary Calhoun 2004 HarperCollins Full-Color Picture Book
Blue-Ribbon Henry Mary Calhoun 1999 William Morrow Full-Color Picture Book
Address Book for Cat People Michael J. Rosen 1998 Galison Illustration on page "N"
Hope Is Contageous Margit Esser Porter 1998 Simon & Schuster 6 half-tone drawings, tying a scarf
Flood Mary Calhoun 1997 William Morrow Full-Color Picture Book
Night In the Barn Faye Gibbons 1995 William Morrow Full-Color Picture Book
The Animals' Lullaby Tom Paxton 1993 William Morrow Full-Color Picture Book
Children's Book Illustration and Julie Cummins 1992 PBC International Inc. pages 81 through 84
Henry The Sailor Cat Mary Calhoun 1994 William Morrow Full-Color Picture Book
Hershal P. Culpepper Uncle Tewey 1990 Pan Press Full-Color Jacket, 8 B&W Illustrations
High-Wire Henry Mary Calhoun 1991 William Morrow Full-Color Picture Book
Little Daylight George MacDonald 1988 William Morrow Full-Color Picture Book
Birthing The Bradley Way Susan McCutcheon-Rosegg 1984 E.P. Dutton 25 figure drawings in pencil
with Peter Rosegg
A Little Book of Yankee Humor A Collection 1983 Yankee Publishing B&W line Face Illustration on Jacket
Clock Watcher's Cookbook Judy Duncan & Allison 1983 Yankee Publishing 5 B&W still-life drawings of meals
Porcupine Stew Beverly Major 1982 William Morrow Full-color picture book
Square Foot Gardening Mel Bartholemew 1981 Rodale Press 50 B&W Garden Illustration and diagrams
Hot-Air Henry Mary Calhoun 1981 William Morrow Four-color picture book
Wide-Angle Lens Phyllis R. Fenner 1980 William Morrow Full-Color Jacket, 10 B&W Chapter Headings
Mastering The Mountain Walt Snellman 1980 Ziff-Davis 50 B&W Skiing Illustrations and diagrams
Old Blue Sibyl Hancock 1980 Putnam Three-color picture book
Cross-Country Cat Mary Calhoun 1979 William Morrow Three-color Picture Book
The Shared Room Marian Potter 1979 William Morrow Three-color Jacket
A Practical Guide to Small-Scale 1979 Rodale Press 10 B&W and Halftone Illustrations
Goat Keeping
Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening Revised Edition 1978 Rodale Press 98 B&W Botanical Drawings & Illustrated
Particles Michael Chester 1978 Macmillan 24 B&W atomic model illustrations
Save Sirrushany! Betty Baker 1978 Macmillan Four-color jacket, four page centerfold
The Hidden World Laurence Pringle 1977 Macmillan 10 half-tone biological illustrations
Stores Alvin Schwartz 1977 Macmillan 3 B&W technical illustrations
Build It Better Yourself 1977 Rodale Press 60 B&W Construction Illustrations of Small
Plants-A-Plenty Catharine Osgood Foster 1977 Rodale Press Full-Color jacket, 19 B&W Plant Illustrations
Barnicle Parp's Chain Saw Guide Walter Hall 1977 Rodale Press 80 B&W technical and demonstrational
Harry and Shellburt Dorothy O. Van Woerkom 1977 Macmillan Three-color picture book
A Veterinary Guide For Animal C. E. Spaulding DVM 1976 Rodale Press 59 B&W Animal Drawings and Veterinary
Owners Techniques
Our Hungry Earth Laurence Pringle 1976 Macmillan 2 B&W illustrations, 5 graphs
You Are What You Eat 1976 Macmillan 13 B&W Food Illustrations
The Five Little Peppers Harriet Mulford Stone 1976 William Morrow Three-color jacket ( a faithful facsimile of the 1880
Lothrop original)
Tugboat David Plowden 1976 Macmillan One "blueprint" rendering
Low-Cost, Energy Efficient Shelter Eugene Eccli 1975 Rodale Press 159 B&W technical rendering, diagrams and plans
Organic Flower Gardening Catharine Osgood Foster 1975 Rodale Press 60 B&W Illustrations of Gardens and Specific
Gardening Indoors With House Plants Raymond P. Poincelot 1974 Rodale Press 12 B&W Botanical Illustrations
Producing Your Own Power Carol Hupping Stoner 1974 Rodale Press Full-Color Jacket, 115 B&W technical renderings,
diagrams and plans
Hot-Air Henry Filmstrip Mary Calhoun Random House/ 0-537-69365-3
Dramatization Educational Enrichment

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